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Scio+ are attending VIV Asia 2019

In an interview with Asian Agribiz during VIV Asia 2019, Casper Tribler, Scio+ CEO explained how big data and analytics can help solve some of the world’s biggest challenges.

The world population is estimated to reach 9.7 billion people in 2050. To feed them, the world needs to produce about 70% more food. However, access to additional land for agriculture is limited, therefore optimization in each link of the food production value chain is needed to meet future food demand.

Casper Tribler, Scio+ CEO, strongly believes that big data and analytics can help realize the required increase in food production efficiency to feed the growing population in the future as well as meet consumer demands related to lower prices, fresh products, reduced antibiotic use, optimized water and feed consumption, and increased production traceability and sustainability.

“At Scio+, we take these challenges very seriously. By using big data and analytics, we want to make a positive impact on our customers production efficiency and solve some of the world’s biggest challenges,” he said.

Scio+ is an ambitious company based in Denmark, which was founded two and a half years ago by two well-consolidated companies, Big Dutchman AG and SKOV A/S. Currently involved in the digital transformation of livestock production, the core business of Scio+ lies in production efficiency optimization by using big data and analytics on the farm and across the value chain.

Scio+ has a team of about 20 highly experienced and innovative people, consisting of industry food production experts, and big data and analytics specialists.

At VIV Asia 2019, the company offered its poultry-based solutions Scio+ Performance and Scio+ Planner improving customers feed conversion ratio (FCR), average daily weight gain (ADWG) and CV/uniformity, and decreasing mortality, slaughter plant downgrades and give away, predicting future production performance, as well as monitoring welfare compliance.

“Simple benchmarking of key performance indicators is not enough to take informed data driven decisions in today’s competitive food production industries. At Scio+ we understand the importance of offering greater insight into what is behind, for example, a good or a bad FCR, ADWG, CV/uniformity or mortality performance. We enable our customers to understand the link between a specific performance and the impact from choice of genetics, feed type, medication, production equipment, house types, and company vs. contract growers, seasonal conditions etc. Information offering significant efficiency optimization opportunities on the farm as well as across the value chain.”

“In addition, Scio+ analyzes parameters such as feed, water and temperature, on the farm in real time, all year round, offering automated warnings to farm managers identifying production issues up to 2 to 5 days before an experienced farm manager normally would be able to identify the issue from other farm management systems. The solution enables the customer to focus their resources to specific houses that require special attention to minimize potential efficiency loss from for example feed and water consumption stagnation, variation in optimal climate conditions, or need to adjust or repair ventilation equipment” said Casper Tribler.

Casper Tribler also revealed that Scio+ is working on various innovation projects. The first innovation project focus on utilizing camera technology to tackle automated measurement of coefficient of variation (CV) / flock uniformity, followed up by analyzing flock weight, behavior patterns, felt temperature and indication of litter issue. Other future projects include analyzing sounds and water quality and contents.

Big data and analytics offer great efficiency optimization potential within the food production industry and Scio+ is at the forefront of this development. “Attending VIV Asia is a great platform to introduce our solutions to the market and at Scio+ we are committed to continue to do our part supporting the digitalization of the food production industry and increasing the overall food production efficiency going forward.” Casper Tribler said.

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