Scio+ Performance

Scio+ understands the challenge related to optimizing the poultry production and Scio+ Performance enables customers to benefit from untapped profit production optimization by:

Identifying the most efficient feed, medication, breed, equipment providers, regions, farms as well as houses.

Lowering production feed conversion rates (FCR), mortality, and increase average daily gain (ADG) and animal welfare through indebt correlation analytics.

Optimizing operational expenses

Often livestock production companies make use of various ERP solutions, production systems and sometimes even basic SQL databases and Excel sheets to manage their poultry production.

The lack of structured data management creates a challenge of analysing the past and the present, and predicting the future impacting the customer’s ability to create a strategic overview of the complex poultry production and make informed data-driven decisions based on up-to-date, high quality and reliable information.

The consequence from making decisions based on old information and sometimes incorrect assumptions is potentially a negative impact on FCR, uniformity, ADG, mortality etc. ultimately resulting in loss in profits and lower competitiveness on the customers domestic and international export markets.

Scio+ understands the challenge related to optimizing the poultry production and Scio+ Performance therefore offers:

  • Faster management reporting and decision making
  • Overview of historic and live performance on the entire production independent of equipment and IT solution providers
  • Comparing data on house level, on the farm, on regional level and up to company level
  • Identifying for example the most efficient feed type, medication, genetics compared up against key performance indicators such as FCR, ADG, mortality and uniformity on the broiler farm
  • Displaying warnings for non-performance based on customer defined values
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