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Scio+ Planner optimize the integration between farms and processing plants offering customers profit optimization opportunities from:

Decreasing downgrades, give away, throw away and rejects

Minimizing unutilized processing plant resources

Allocating correct number of pickup processing trucks

Applying revenue assurance

Optimizing operational expenses

The processing plant is depending on receiving broilers with a specific weight, uniformity and quality to be able to prepare 1st and 2nd yield products ordered by their customers.

The processing plant experiences that reported broiler weight and uniformity measurements by the growers can be inaccurate at the time of processing.

As a consequence of uncertainty related to the broiler specifications that reaches the processing plant, the result may be damaged meat during processing, and whole birds and cut-ups supplied to customers with more weight than agreed causing loss of profit potential.

Scio+ understands the challenge related to delivering the right broiler to the processing plant at the right time and Scio+ Planner therefore offers:

  • Weight, uniformity, density, mortality and population predictions
  • Predictions 3 days before and after, and on the slaughter day
  • Generated for example on day 7, 14, 21 and 28
  • Predictions with high accuracy and consistency
  • Displaying warnings compared with customer’s target slaughter weight
  • In a calendar view enabling seamless overview of thousands of predictions
  • Fully automated and updated 24/7/365
  • Data export available to third party IT solutions
  • Better utilization of processing plant resources, performing fewer manual broiler weights and optimizing truck pick-up logistics
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