Scio+ Trend Warnings

The Trend Warnings solution is provided in cooperation with our owners and monitors key performance indicators such as feed, water and temperature in the customer’s broiler houses. The solution provides potential production profit optimization by:

Decreasing feed conversion rate (FCR), uniformity, mortality and increasing average daily gain (ADG)

Identifying feed and water production issues and climate equipment limitations

Lowering operational costs

In general, when broilers are eating and drinking normally, and they are in an optimal climate, their welfare is high and they are performing at their best by growing faster, getting less sick and consuming less feed than otherwise needed.

Larger integrators as well as farm managers experience that it is a challenge to get enough skilled employees to look after the production and that may result in higher FCR, uniformity and mortality as well as lower ADG. Challenges that will impact the production outcome and potentially resulting in lower profits.

Scioi+’s analytics models identify abnormalities in the water, feed and temperature development and warn the customer up to 2 to 5 days before an issue occurs. Trend Warnings thereby provides potential improvement of FCR, ADG and uniformity as well as helps minimize mortality rates and can also tell the customer about potential climate equipment limitations.

Scio+ understands the challenge related to monitoring the welfare of broilers in poultry production and creating the ultimate production conditions for performance and Scio+ Trend Warnings therefore offers:

  • Monitoring of key performance indicators 24/7/365:
    • Feed, water and temperature in broiler houses
  • Identifying production abnormalities:
    • Warnings up to 2 to 5 days before a broiler production issue occurs
    • Suboptimal feed and water consumption developments
    • Potential climate equipment limitations
  • Automated suggestions and hints to solving abnormalities
  • Optimized use of resources (electricity, fuel, medication, feed and water)
  • Better utilization of production experts and farm visit planning
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