Welcome to Scio+

At Scio+ we strive to make a positive difference in the food life-stock industry by optimising processes across the production value chain taking advantage of the latest technologies within big data, Internet of Things and data science.

Our success is not only measured in optimising our customers profit, we also see ourselves as creating significant positive impact on the world by contributing to solving the food scarcity, improving food quality, increasing animal welfare and working towards a better environment around the world.

Not so many years ago the food life-stock industry was primarily focused on value creation through industrial equipment mass-production and silo focused efficiency optimisation; however, a paredime shift is emerging introducing already proven business models from other forward thinking industries such as Telekom, Healthcare, Finance and Insurance etc. The world of food life-stock production has embarked on an unstoppable digitalization creating new synergies and value from converging big data, Internet of Things and data science models into powerful actionable insights, and Scio+ is in the forefront of this development.

Scio+ road to success includes first and foremost that our culture is employee driven and support individual values and goals, that our work is knowledge driven, we embrace and adapt to the latest trends and technologies, and allocate time for building new industry partnerships and research projects that enable us to contributing to the development of tomorrow’s innovative solutions.

Providing solutions to unsolved challenges and raising the bar for how the industry solves already known problems are at the core of what we do. Working at Scio+ requires all employees to take the lead, promote teamwork and be a trusted partner facilitating that our customers reap the benefits and get access to the maximum value potential from their production.

At Scio+ we firmly believe in constantly challenging our own vision, mission and values as a mean to be the best knowledge-based organisation of tomorrow, creating an environment for new ideas to flourish, innovation that matters and the formation of new relationships that spread freely within and outside of Scio+. Creating a successful Scio+ requires our employees to be able to do-their-magic independent of time and space by organising their own work and how to work.

I welcome you to take part in Scio+’s journey to make a positive difference, and by doing so creating a sustainable and scalable success for years to come.

Kind regards,
Casper Tribler