Scio+ is a big data and analytics company specialized in converting our customer’s food production data streams into profit streams, by analysing the past and the present, and predicting the future.

Optimize food production output

Feed conversion rate
Average daily gain
Downgrades, give awayand rejects


Scio+ Performance

Scio+ understands the challenge related to optimizing the poultry production and Scio+ Performance enables customers to improve FCR, ADG, CV, Mortality as well as identifying most efficient feeds, medicines, breeds etc.

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Scio+ Planner

Scio+ Planner optimize the integration between the customer’s farms and processing plants offering improved downgrades, give away, rejects, etc.

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Scio+ Trend Warnings

The Trend Warnings solution is provided in cooperation with our owners and monitors key performance indicators such as feed, water and temperature in the customer’s broiler houses

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We help our customers

Analyse and predict

Analyse the past and the present, and predict the future

Increase profits

Convert food production data streams into profit streams

Create transparency

End to end historic and live production transparency

Optimize production output

Decrease FCR, uniformity, mortality and increase ADG

Receive production warnings

Receive water, feed and temperature warnings

Optimize climate

Identify climate equipment limitations

Increase slaughter house output

Decrease downgrades, give away and rejects

Optimize manpower resources

Lower operational costs

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